The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal’

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Absolute power corrupts utterly, and power tends to corrupt. This old proverb comes to life in the scandalous narrative of the Murdaugh family, which has already garnered a lot of attention due to its twists and turns that will leave even the most ardent true crime fan a little confused. With the twisted tale of Alex Murdaugh and his family that has drawn attention to Hampton County, South Carolina, Netflix has chosen to wet its paws following the success of ID’s The Murdaugh Murders: Deadly Dynasty and HBO Max’s Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal picks up with the unintentional murder of 19-year-old Mallory Beach and follows the sequence of events that led to widespread media attention being drawn to the dubious past of the wealthy Murdaugh family of South Carolina.

The most recent Netflix documentary series, which is currently available to view in three new episodes, centers on the sequence of events that began with Mallory Beach’s passing and led to the decline of the Murdaugh family heritage. What appeared to be a tragic mishap caused by the wealthy Murdaugh family scion was actually only a single incident in a string of fatalities and financial scams. The name of Alex Murdaugh, who was found guilty of killing his own wife and son, Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, was at the center of all that happened.

Mallory Beach’s Death Was the Beginning of the End For Murdaughs

In small-town Hampton County, where everyone knew one another, the Murdaugh family was unquestionably the most well-known family. This point was made repeatedly in the Netflix docuseries, maybe as a means of defending the various viewpoints that were available on the major events under discussion. Since 1920, three members of the family had held the position of district attorney. In addition, the Murdaughs owned a sizable local law practice. If the interviewees for the Netflix series are to be believed, all of this translated into extraordinary authority for the Murdaughs, who were at times even above the law in terms of prestige. To be honest, the way things work out seems to support the argument.

The esteemed and sometimes feared Murdaugh family’s decline in stature started on a fatal February night in 2019 when Mallory Beach was killed by the activities of Paul Murdaugh, Alex Murdaugh’s younger son. The friends of Paul, who became the living victims of the disaster that killed Mallory Beach, testified and were interviewed that Paul crashed the boat they were travelling in into the Archers Creek bridge. Mallory never made it out of the sea, but her pals Miley, Morgan, Anthony, Connor, and Paul all made it out alive. Just before the disaster, Paul had just given his ex-girlfriend Morgan a smack while operating the boat while intoxicated.

Paul had organized an oyster roast, and the gang was returning from it. The next few evenings were spent looking for Mallory. However, the even more tragic truth about this awful tragedy is that there was simultaneously another attempt at rescue. Alex Murdaugh was making a valiant effort to keep his son’s name intact. While Anthony, Mallory’s boyfriend, remained at the scene to await the arrival of his girlfriend, the other members of the group saw Alex’s manipulation at work as he attempted to place the responsibility on Paul’s friend, Connor. Later, in another intimidation move, Alex also got in touch with Connor’s father. Following the tragedy, Mallory Beach’s body was discovered eight days later.

It was common knowledge that dealing with the Murdaughs was forbidden. But in spite of all of his efforts, Paul was ultimately accused of Mallory Beach’s death. Paul was affected differently by the accusations made against him, according to different friends’ testimonies. However, Mallory Beach’s demise was an inevitable tragedy at the hands of Paul, who had a reputation for acting violently when intoxicated. Furthermore, the Department of Natural Resources’ own local inspectors’ shortcomings in their initial probe revealed the murdaughs’ years-long construction of a formidable network. Testimonies were not accurately documented, and no evidence was gathered.

Double Homicide of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh Opened A Can Of Worms

The Murdaughs were scrutinized after Mallory Beach’s death because of the negative publicity it brought them, but a bigger tragedy was about to come. Paul Murdaugh was brutally murdered on June 7, 2021, along with his mother Maggie, thus he was unable to see the first day of the trial in connection with Mallory’s death. Alex arrived at the scene first and reported the stunning incident to 911.

Alex stated over the phone that when he got home, he discovered his son’s and wife’s bodies. According to Alex’s evidence, he was not there when the crime was committed. This was disproven, nevertheless, when a video discovered on Paul’s cell phone made it very evident that Alex had been with Maggie and Paul seconds before their murders. On a video, Paul and Maggie’s voices could be heard in the background along with Alex’s.

Soon later, a slew of financial crimes that Alex had committed came to light, making his life more chaotic. Although he was found guilty of defrauding people out of millions of dollars, his former law firm partners accused him of embezzling $9 million in funds. After fighting the insurance companies, Alex frequently did not give the money he received from financial settlements to the deceased’s relatives. As a result, Alex was made to leave the legal practice, which is currently called Parker Law Group.

On September 4, 2021, in the middle of all of this chaos, Alex contacted 911 and reported that he had been shot in the head while changing a tire by the side of the road. A few days later, Alex admitted to planning his own suicide with the assistance of a friend. Curtis Edward Smith, an associate of Alex’s, was detained by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for trying to help Alex arrange a suicide in order to support his son Buster in getting $10 million from the insurance company. Once more, Alex Murdaugh was accused of a number of offenses for organizing the plot. Of note, Smith has refuted his involvement in the shooting incident.

Death Follows Those Connected With the Murdaughs

The docuseries also examines the other fatalities associated with the Murdaughs that have occurred throughout the years in an unsettling way. The first one happened in 2015 when Stephen Smith was discovered dead by the side of the road. Stephen was a classmate of Alex’s older son Buster. It was claimed that Stephen and Buster had a gay relationship, which the Murdaughs found too bitter to swallow. The Stephen’s death inquiry was renewed a few days after Paul and Maggie passed away. There isn’t much evidence to support the claims made by many in Hampton County that Stephen’s death and the Murdaughs have a deeper link.

After working for the Murdaughs for more than 20 years, Gloria Satterfield passed away in a manner that was also concerning. When she died in 2018, it was first thought to be the result of a trip and fall that happened while she was working at the Murdaughs’ house. When a coroner discovered that the medical report indicated Gloria’s death was natural, the case was reopened because there was no longer a necessity for an autopsy at the time. When Gloria’s sons learned that Murdaugh had demanded over half a million dollars for Gloria’s demise, they too later launched a lawsuit against the man. Still, not a single cent appeared at Gloria’s family’s doors. This fits with the financial crimes that Alex Murdaugh has committed in the past. It was intended to conduct a thorough autopsy on Gloria’s remains by exhumation as part of the revived investigation. Murdaugh reached a deal with Gloria’s family in May 2022.

SLED notified John Marvin Murdaugh, Alex’s younger brother, in July 2022 that they had chosen to prosecute Alex for the double homicide of his wife and son. The South Carolina Supreme Court disbars Alex that same month. Alex Murdaugh is charged with two charges of murder on July 14, 2022. Due to the ongoing financial fraud that Alex Murdaugh had been committing for years, numerous charges were brought against him prior to the start of the murder trial on January 23, 2023. Alex acknowledged lying to the police about his whereabouts the night of the murder, but he denied being involved in the deaths. To support Alex’s claimed crimes, the prosecution has gathered witnesses and evidence, including bodycam video from the night of the killings. On February 21, Buster Murdaugh was called by the defense to discuss his father’s tender treatment of his family.

On February 23, Alex Murdaugh also testified in his own defense, saying he had not shot his kid or wife. But it only took the jury three hours to find him guilty of the two killings. He received two consecutive life sentences.

Murdaugh most recently entered a guilty plea to 22 charges of federal financial fraud and money laundering in September. At a later time, he will receive a term for those offences.

Absolute power corrupts utterly, and power tends to corrupt. This old proverb comes to life in the scandalous narrative of the Murdaugh family, which has already garnered a lot of attention due to its twists and turns that will leave even the most ardent true crime fan a little confused.…

Absolute power corrupts utterly, and power tends to corrupt. This old proverb comes to life in the scandalous narrative of the Murdaugh family, which has already garnered a lot of attention due to its twists and turns that will leave even the most ardent true crime fan a little confused.…

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